Family of drowned man to sue boat owners

The family of John Sullivan, 43, from St. Helens who died after falling from a yacht which had participated in the Christmas ship parade in 2011, recently sued the owners of the vessel at a federal court.

The lawsuit that had been filed some days back in the U.S District Court, Portland, has accused the owner of the Trilogy Yacht, George Rumberger III and Kathy Rumberger for the act of negligence in relation to this mishap. Sullivan’s body had finally been obtained in May, 2012, from the river.

The lawsuit states that the family has sought for an amount that has not been disclosed for burial as well as the materialistic and emotional damages that they had gone through.

Sullivan was a guest on the 60 ft boat and was attempting to walk past the Christmas tree that was at an edge on the top deck. It was then that he fell into the water. His family accused that the place where he was walking was devoid of any railing and was in complete darkness. He was not even provided with the safety device that is needed while sailing on a yacht. The Columbia County Sheriff’s office states that the ship had just completed parading and was anchored at the docks when this fateful incident happened.

The obituary stated that Sullivan was born in Medford, Oregon and worked in Milwaukie. He is survived by a wife, two stepchildren and a son. He was fascinated in cooking, fishing, reading and camping and also providing pleasure to others. In fact the obituary also mentioned that his smile and wonderful sense of humor would be remembered by all forever.