Cancer Survivor Repossess Confidence through Sailing

An eleven-year-old recuperating from leukemia for the 2nd time has repossessed a confident feeling and complete independence after starting on a sailing trip to Scotland’s west coast.

When Finn Shearer had been diagnosed with cancer, he was only 6 years old and he had crucial pain in his chest. However, the doctors had initially said that he is anxious and that is the reason he is imagining them. Eventually, he was diagnosed and then he finished treatment towards the end of the year 2015 when was just 8. However, his sickness relapsed in 2018 March and he is recovering for the second time.
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Offshore World Championship WS Adopted L30

World Sailing recently made an announcement that L30, which is a 30-foot one-design keel boat, has got a green signal. It has been chosen for supplying equipment for Offshore World Championship of World Sailing from the year 2020.

The L30 is basically a modern one design and light boat having great potential of racing. This is making the boat an apt for the Championship. The one design boats mean, all boats are of the same length, features, and weight and have similar equipment and rigging. This ensures that all participating sailors are competing in the race with equal resources and even playing field.
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Aquatic Club Goolwa Conducted The Adventure Sailing Day

On Sunday, The Goolwa Aquatic Club Dinghy Sailors (GACDS) planned the sail of adventure at the ‘Riverside’ HMI. The complete day activities were designed and included lots of fun and entertainment. It was a fun event for families, kids, and senior sailors. There was no fixed rules and regulation on the way to go to the Riverside as far as you were at the place by nearly 11.30 am.

Sailors who were able to sail 1 1/2 hours and reached to the Riverside included Helen Bowlden and John Gratton, Bryan Lindsay with the crew BJ Le Brun and Chris in a Pacer and Kairo Quilliam and Mitchell Kelsey in the International Cadet. All the sailors were supported and guarded by rescue boats. These boats were with them all the time and were sailed by Rod Errington and the crew along with two with Sue, Angus Robinson and Peter RIB in one Isaac Konings and Bruce in the other.
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World Sailing Emerging Nations Clinic Now In Corpus Christi

Robert Holden wishes to pay back to the sailing community that saved him when he was on the verge to break into the sport. Being a young man from South Africa, he had no access to the sailing sport until he became 25 years old. Since then, he has been working closely for sailors from different countries with no sailing resources or history to keep them going even after completion of the sailing competition. Holden was leading the Emerging Nations Clinic for World Sailing in Corpus Christi last week. There were close to 20 sailors from across the world that approached him to get their craft ready in preparation for the Youth Sailing World Championships this week.

The sailors reached Corpus Christi last week and had to undergo training for 4 days. The sailors are well versed with the basics of sailing since the clinic provides an opportunity to groom their skills further and learn from the world championship competition. Thad Lettsome, the 16 year old sailor from British Virgin Islands took part in China’s Youth World sailing Championships in 2017. Lettsome said the clinic gave him a chance to get accustomed to Corpus Christi. There is no point in learning too much prior to the competition as all you need to do is a bit of fine tuning and get used to sail using big fleets of boats.
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In the last 24 hours, there has not been a change in the standings at the Clipper 2017/18 Round the World Yacht Race. This is because there has been no change in the weather conditions since yesterday’s gear shift. It has been almost two weeks of steady plain sailing for the competing teams.

PSP Logistics are maintaining their lead for the second straight day. Within the last half a day, they have sailed further 118 nautical miles towards Sanya. The captain of the team Matt Mitchell is pleased with the team’s progress so far. He said the wind is stable and its direction has been very consistent.

Yacht Faver B Of Azimut Motor Sold

Altinel Shipyards Worldwide has listed the 30.91 meter motor yacht Faver B for sale by. It has now been sold with 1 Ocean Yachts.

The Faver B yacht was built in GRP by Azimut the Italian yard and it is designed by Stefano Righini. The yacht was built and launched in the year 2008 and was delivered to its owner in the same year naming as Azimut 103S model. The interior of the yacht is great and it has the capacity to accommodate eight guests in its four cabins. The four cabins on the yacht include one full-beam master suite, built at amidships on the lower deck on the yacht and it is attached with a desk and a lounge area. The VIP suite of the yacht is located in the bow along with a corridor, which leads to two twin cabins, all having fitted bathroom facilities and on-demand entertainment system of Kaleidescape. Continue reading Yacht Faver B Of Azimut Motor Sold

Nicholson Busy In Promoting V8s Weekend

The world champion of sailing Darren Nicholson is travelling the World to pursue his new passion, and the passion of racing 1000hp powerboats.

Nicholson believes that coast of Newcastle is spectacular and it is as good as he has competed in many other places.

Newcastle is the hometown of the sailor, and with this move, he is displaying his love for his hometown. Adorning his team of offshore race boat (222) and truck with Supercars and Newcastle under an agreement signed by organizers of V8 series.

The 40-foot twin-hull boat and the truck will travel the east coast up and down. Part of the reason for that is Nicholson for the Offshore Superboat Championship races in the six rounds of this year, concluding in Newcastle on the weekend of Supercars on November 25 and 26. Continue reading Nicholson Busy In Promoting V8s Weekend

Date Announced For 2017 Events

Only few days are left in the beginning of the year 2017 and calendar for the year is prepared and soon will be released.

As far as the sailing sport event in 2017 is concerned, then authorities have decided on dates and calendar for this too has been done. Some of the major events that are going to take place in the United States at the youth level have been scheduled and details for same are out.

  • Rose Cup (US YMRC) 2017 United States Youth Match Racing Championship

US YMRC 2017 event will take place between 14 to 18 June. Venue of the event is Boat club Fort Worth on Eagle Mountain Lake in their J/22’s. Sailors of age group between 16-20 years can take part in this competition; however, the skippers will select via resume. Skippers will be able to send a resume after January 2017. Detailed information about eligibility and invitation format will get published on the website of US YMRC by the end of January.  According to the terms of 2017, teams US YMRC will comprise of four sailors in which one male and one female have to be there. Continue reading Date Announced For 2017 Events

Swapping dinghies for big boats Aleh

Jo Aleh who has won Olympic for two times is seen doing dinghies swapping for big boats. She wants to participate in Volvo Ocean Race that is going to take place next year. The dinghies she wanted to exchange with bigger boats are temporary and it will be back to the owner after finish of race.

Aleh has won gold medal in London Olympic in the year 2012 in the Women’s 470 with Polly Powrie and also won silver medal in Rio Olympics 2016. Now, she wants to take break from 470 and try something new. Coming week she is taking part in super-maxi CQS competing that will be the port of Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. She will be on board with 13 other kiwis. Continue reading Swapping dinghies for big boats Aleh

Competition Resumes At Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup

The strong winds at the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup did not allow the boats to set sail for the last two days. Day 3 was a bit different with the race starting an hour earlier to make up for lost time. The Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup was organized by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda along with the International Maxi Association. The wind was sub-10 knots before the race had started.

The routes were changed by the race committee and the boats were sent from Mortorio and Stoffi islands towards Bomb Alley before reaching the finishing point off Porto Cervo. The Maxi72s and the Wallys was asked to sail a shorter version of this course in order to accommodate a second race. But, the wind had other ideas and dropped off soon, and it became a bit like a Zadar Yacht Charter, bimbling around the Croatian coast. Hence, only one race was conducted for the Wallys and Maxi72s.

The Maxi72s race was comfortably won by Robertissima on the Roberto Tomasini Grinover and this put the Italian team in the second position in the overall score sheet. The leader of the pack was defending champion Bella Mente on the Hap Fauth. Grinover said that the team caught the right line in the first leg and the boat started to go fast. Continue reading Competition Resumes At Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup

Stadium Sailing In Detroit

Stadium sailing is a new format that has been introduced at the Premier Sailing League in the Detroit venue this year.

This type of sailing has certain characteristics. It is a near shore racing category where fans can check out the athletes as they are on the waters close to them.

There was a demo event that was held at the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club when sailing fans go to experience how this form of sailing is. The concept was showcased by Premier Sailing League USA. The league held the first event of this kind at the Gross Pointe Yacht Club in Detroit. The event was scheduled for September 10th. There were about ten teams that were racing J/70s with four sailors in each boat. The exhibition event comprised of eighteen races where 10 boats participated. Every team participated in nine races while they watched the remaining nine races being done by others.  The sailing director of the club pointed out that it was a good way to be able to view the sailing participants. The format makes the sport more watchable and entertaining. The demo event was a test. As the first event was a success, it is planned that a new stadium sailing event would be held in the coming summer. It would be organized on behalf of Premier Sailing League USA. Continue reading Stadium Sailing In Detroit