World Sailing Emerging Nations Clinic Now In Corpus Christi

Robert Holden wishes to pay back to the sailing community that saved him when he was on the verge to break into the sport. Being a young man from South Africa, he had no access to the sailing sport until he became 25 years old. Since then, he has been working closely for sailors from different countries with no sailing resources or history to keep them going even after completion of the sailing competition. Holden was leading the Emerging Nations Clinic for World Sailing in Corpus Christi last week. There were close to 20 sailors from across the world that approached him to get their craft ready in preparation for the Youth Sailing World Championships this week.

The sailors reached Corpus Christi last week and had to undergo training for 4 days. The sailors are well versed with the basics of sailing since the clinic provides an opportunity to groom their skills further and learn from the world championship competition. Thad Lettsome, the 16 year old sailor from British Virgin Islands took part in China’s Youth World sailing Championships in 2017. Lettsome said the clinic gave him a chance to get accustomed to Corpus Christi. There is no point in learning too much prior to the competition as all you need to do is a bit of fine tuning and get used to sail using big fleets of boats.
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