Aquatic Club Goolwa Conducted The Adventure Sailing Day

On Sunday, The Goolwa Aquatic Club Dinghy Sailors (GACDS) planned the sail of adventure at the ‘Riverside’ HMI. The complete day activities were designed and included lots of fun and entertainment. It was a fun event for families, kids, and senior sailors. There was no fixed rules and regulation on the way to go to the Riverside as far as you were at the place by nearly 11.30 am.

Sailors who were able to sail 1 1/2 hours and reached to the Riverside included Helen Bowlden and John Gratton, Bryan Lindsay with the crew BJ Le Brun and Chris in a Pacer and Kairo Quilliam and Mitchell Kelsey in the International Cadet. All the sailors were supported and guarded by rescue boats. These boats were with them all the time and were sailed by Rod Errington and the crew along with two with Sue, Angus Robinson and Peter RIB in one Isaac Konings and Bruce in the other.
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