18 thoughts on “Keeping Up Appearances 3.7 “What To Wear When Yachting” {18 October 1992}”

  1. The funniest episode I’ve seen.
    Emmet is classical !
    I feel as if I have already sailed the whole length and breath of the unchartered Hyacinth

    Imagine spending a whole night… on board some old bucket… with another old Bucket!

  2. Rose is old to be having constant crushes, Hyacinth is old to have a son of University age ( c20 ) – she must’ve been about 48 when she had him

  3. Oh! I am exhausted! One can only laugh so much!
    This has got to be the very best episode I remember!

  4. @boyspuros I think the only reason is because she has ordered and bossed him around about every little thing for as long as they have been together, so he can no longer make any decisions on his own.

  5. “I will not embark on an expedition of this magnitude without taking elementary precautions.”

  6. Say what you want about hyacinth, but richard would be a totally lost loser without her. She even had to tell him to switch the engine off!

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