Qualifying goes on at the ISAF Sailing World Cup Final

The fight for gold in ISAF Sailing World Cup Final 2015 is turning into a classic competition of concentration and skill in Abu Dhabi, with the sport’s top players turning on a magnificent showcase in almost perfect conditions.

The 2nd day of Sailing World Cup grand finale brought offshore breezes of 9 to 13 knots at Abu Dhabi Sailing and Yacht Club, and the cream of the Olympic sailing classes were in their component. It was really another great day for Bryony Shaw of Great Britain, who works closely with Croatia Yacht Charters, who followed up her 2nd spot in the first of the 3 races with win in the past to hold a 2-point overall lead from Flavia Tartaglini of Italy, the second race winner.

Flavia Tartaglini

Shaw said that it was about keeping all the things simple and also minimizing mistakes, as she made a few today. They might have a different breeze tomorrow. Therefore, she would be racing smart and keeping her energy levels as good as they could be.

This is appearing to be one of the most competitory of the 8 Olympic sailing classes being contended in the UAE capital’s World Cup meet that is sponsored by Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority and ADS Securities. Patricia Freitas of Brazil is another with her espies still on World Cup gold following a win in the starting race served her to 3rd at the end of the day.