Sand Yachting Set To Return at St Annes

St Annes Beach situated in England was considered to be the spiritual home of the sport-sand yachting. But due to the unfortunate death of Carole Cruz who was hit by a sand yacht in the year 2002 at the beach, sand yachting was banned in this Lancashire beach.

However, the authorities are planning to remove the ban on the sport and reintroduce it in the area. On the 18th and 19th of October, 2014 test trial of sand yachting is going to be carried out and the sport will make its comeback after around twelve years if the officials of the Flyde Council are happy with all the basic arrangements.

Business leaders and traders belonging to the region are of the opinion that the return of sand yachting will give the necessary boost to not only the Flyde coast but also the tourism industry in Lancashire.

According to John Moxham (member of the St Annes Chamber of Trade) sand yachting’s initial impact would be considerably small but its impact would grow slowly and slowly. He thinks that sand yachting will take sometime to reach its fullest potentials. Moxham hopes that one day sand yachting at St Annes Beach would become an international event and people from all over the world would come to participate in it.

Trax Windsports’s owner- Eddie Sloane said that sand yachting will obviously have a positive impact as young people will get an opportunity to be involved in the sport. But he thinks sand yachting should be made sustainable and safe so that each and every person can get a chance to enjoy the beach and its beauty in the best possible way.

The sand yachting demonstration event that is going to take place in the month of October, 2014 is going to be organized by the York Landyacht Club.