Student Yachting World Cup

On the third day of the Students Yachting World Cup France confirmed their position on top by winning both the last races with a day remaining in their hands. The third day of the competition included two races, one on the windward-leeward race and one coastal race in the morning.

The wind was very strong in the morning and all the teams were struggling to overtake France who was leading. Though team Norway made a false start, Belgium and the United States started well ahead of others. When it was halfway the whole distance, team USA went very close to France but unluckily France could not be beaten. England came second with team USA in the third position.

During the windward-leeward race at midday the crew enjoyed yachting under a bright sun. Germany showed a drastic development at start but was soon left behind by the French team that created an excellent impression by their performance. In the very first round itself, French came first. On the other hand team USA constantly struggled side by side with the Defenders who were desperate to come second in this race. A time came when the Defender had cut the way of France and made them second. But just before reaching the ending line France overtook to become victorious. The Defender came second, while USA came third.

This edition of the competition proved France to be the leaders. There was a tiny gap of four points between the team Scotland who came third and the team Switzerland who came second and these remaining positions of the podium has not been settled yet. The weather forecaster has been contacted and according to them, the weather should be pleasant in future for racing. Though France remained unbeaten this year, but no other team will put a bit of less effort to fill up the gaps and become the next world champions.