14 thoughts on “Superyacht Leander offered for Charter with Peter Insull’s Yacht Charter”

  1. I am positive…. the white Ensign can only be flown if the owner of the yacht is on board or the person who is chartering the yacht has special permission to fly it authorised by the secretary on behalf of the committee of the RYS. They must also be a member, with only about 500, good luck trying to get into that club 😉 To be a full member and allowed to fly the ensign you also have to be British

  2. Such a beautiful ship !!!
    Yet interior… Probably just a question of taste. It ruined my fantasy. Sorry.

  3. I THINK (but I’m not positive) that flying the White Ensign is automatically allowed since the Leander has been awarded it as a member yacht, but the Royal Yacht Squadron member can REVOKE permission. That’s how it was explained to me, you don’t need permission, but it can be taken away. But it’s a very good point you brought up.

  4. well since my last name is Leandre’. I think I need to charter this puppy. where does she sail?ok…I know the dingy part is more my style but wouldn’t anyone want to chip in ona once in a lifetime

  5. Sadly you will not be able to fly the white Ensign tho unless you get special permission by the RYS (member on board)

  6. Leander will accommodate up to 22 guests, but for charter purposes it’s restricted to 12. Chartering for 13 or more guests reclassifies a private yacht into a ‘passenger vessel’ category.

  7. A beautifully crafted video for a beautiful yacht.
    Well done to all involved

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