Best Luxury Yacht For The Year Is Contest 42CS

The much awaited news for the award for best luxury yacht has been declared. The proud winner for this award has gone to Contest 42CS. Each year the European Yacht of the Year Awards are held in some of the most prestigious places in the world and this time it was held at Dusseldorf. The winner was decided by the Yachting World and the whole team of Contest 42CS was beaming with joy after getting the award. A boat show also followed just after the award ceremony. The boats that were shortlisted for this category were all quality boats and each one of them could have won the award.

The family sized cruiser looks like it is ever shining and it will be available to the teams in a very short time. The cost is very much approachable. The credit to create this magnificent boat goes to the Dutch and it has the best seaworthy design and top quality. When it comes to performance in the mainstream events this boat is guaranteed to be in the top rank. This model unlike the previous models has more number of custom boats attached and for the benefit of the people the custom boats have been made larger than what they normally should be. The overall performance of the Contest 42CS is far superior than any other boat in the same category. The protected cockpit layout is another reason why this boat was chosen as the winner for the award. It is a new innovation that was seen first in this boat. Watzels & Brown is responsible for the interior decoration of this masterpiece and the space provided in the interior would also help the helmsman. The capacity of the boat is also big enough to fit quite a number of people. So it would serve both the cruising and the racing purpose.