The Rally Of The ARC 2014

The crew in the ARC 2014 transatlantic rally left from Las Palmas on Monday for Santa Luca and is now settling into the sea life as they have already crossed 48 hours of their adventure to cross the Atlantic.

For these people, the meaning of life is to surf the waves, sail changes and also spotting of dolphins. As a crewmember sums up, the moment anyone heads out and are on the boat, there is very little anyone can do and so they start settling into a routine on the boat. After that the only work left is to enjoy the sail and slip into the sea routines leaving the land routines behind.

The crew faced a moderate winds from north-eastern areas that whisked them from Las Palmas during the 1st 24 hours on board. The boat has already stormed down with its crew on the East Coast of Gran Canaria and faced an acceleration zone where they faced winds with consistent speed ranging from mid to high 30s.

Even when they were coming down the inside track, little Pea crossed many larger yachts even though they were one of the 10 smallest yachts that were competing this year. Being smaller theoretically means that they should be slower too but the winds seemed in favour.

Leonard was a 100ft supermaxi yacht falling under the category of larger yachts and was from Finland. They were having a plain sailing. Skipper Chris Sherlock said that they made one change as soon as they left and then made rounds a number of times even though they were between 20 knots and 5 knots speed of the boat. The crew recorded the course of ACR.

Morning haze, the Hunter 410 of Hayes family had already started fishing and the first catch was within 10 minutes of sail by the Czech crew on yacht Apollon