RYA appreciates Stoke Sailor’s effort

Stoke sailor Dennis Priebe’s efforts towards building an edgy boathouse and training center at Leek based Rudyard Sailability for phyusically challenged sailors has been hugely appreciated by RYA, the national governing authority of sailing. The latest fully inclusive training center is an investment worth 550,000 pounds.

The chairman of Rudyard Sailability, Priebe himself is on wheelchair following a bad spinal injury since 1993. He was awarded with Exceptional Contribution reward at RYA Sailability annual Voluneteer Awards last weekend.

Priebe was undoubtedly the most instrumental figure behind the foundation of Rudyard Sailability twelve years back. He has metamorphosed the spot from a simple shed to a grand venue off late. In the last eighteen months, it was the chairman who alone has raised more than 400,000 pounds for new improved facilities – spending long days & nights  at the site even in minus degree winter days, during the construction of the facility.

With the mission to make the sport of sailing easily accessible to literally everybody, regardless of disability, the design of the center renders complete independence.

While the project was running last year, Dennis carried shoestring activities for local special academic institutions, social-service users & “Aiming High for Children” with the disabilities project. However, now that Rudyard has received official status of training center from RYA, the present season would see Priebe achieving his mission of  complete family inclusiveness & sailing for everyone.

“I am really ecstatic to receive this award. I am even smiling & I am supposed to stay grumpy. I will thank every volunteer who assisted me in this project & this honor would not have been possible without their help”, remarked a happy and content Dennis while asked to speak on the recent honor conferred to him.