Yacht industry attracts slow demand from Russians in the midst of weak rouble

As yacht industry recoups from all the financial problems suffered in the year 2008, it sees a decline in demand from the Russian buyers in the midst of weak rouble. Well, it is a known fact that the Russians are one of the biggest buyers of the yachts, but the weak rouble had guided some to cut down their purchases. Since previous year, just a few Russians have been touring to Dubai that is a popular holiday place for them.

The Russian currency has dropped by approximately forty-two per cent against United States dollar to 0.0161 since 201’s August.

Seas and Desert Group’s (Kuwait-based yacht dealer) regional director Jeremy Tutt told that the Russians prefer to go boating, but it is clear that they would be under pursue on their badges so they believes that market is going to contract a little bit in this year. All the demand from the Russian buyers slowed down at the end of last year.

In a similar way, Italian shipyard Sanlorenzo’s managing director Tarek Khalil told that business from Russia has gone down this year. He told that business from Russia is impressed by all of the world reasons. It has gone down but it still stays there. SF Yachts’ chief executive Francesco Pitea did of agree to that. He said that the demand from the Russians is going up. Wealthy people have money all the time.