9 thoughts on “Yachting Monthly’s Bavaria 33 Cruiser test”

  1. Thanks Alexandru, always appreciate feedback.
    Those are the dark satanic mills of Southampton, near The Solent.
    Re: conditions, we get what we get. We’d like to have her for a week and test in all sorts of weather but the practicalities rule it out: UK Bavaria agent Clipper Marine has test sails booked and we’ve got a magazine to make. If you see yourself taking on some lively weather, she’s probably not the boat for you. Great coastal cruiser but not designed for North Atlantic gales.

  2. 1. Good introduction to the B-33 – thank you.
    2. While informative, I believe a test should be (much) more than a stroll in a… pond. I would like to benefit from the gained knowledge of a person who experienced first hand some boisterous condition I myself might get into some day.
    If car testing reviews would take place in a cul-de-sac environment at 10-15 mph I doubt will be exhilarating reading…
    3. Where is the dark apocalyptic industrial background you find for the video shooting?

  3. I wonder if they “fixed” the old model problem which made it tilt to Port even on dock… really, it was THAT bad!

  4. Looks just great…good job Richard and Clipper Marine the boat looks really well presented and Bavaria Yachts, another first class boat.
    To learn how to sail a yacht like this just visit Jonathan Brier Yachting’s Solent Sailing School.RYA training courses delivered aboard Bavaria Yachts…

    Jonathan Brier Yachting

  5. Cool, I don’t see Chris this satisfied often. Guess it might be a surprisingly nice boat from Bavaria!

  6. when i win the lottery i will buy one. for now for a pauper like me who has just been made redundant i will continue with my intro 22 and gawp at these bigger yachts with interest

  7. A positive yet fair review! We would be happy to set up a test sail for any serious inquiries on the west coast (North America).

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