Competition Resumes At Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup

The strong winds at the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup did not allow the boats to set sail for the last two days. Day 3 was a bit different with the race starting an hour earlier to make up for lost time. The Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup was organized by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda along with the International Maxi Association. The wind was sub-10 knots before the race had started.

The routes were changed by the race committee and the boats were sent from Mortorio and Stoffi islands towards Bomb Alley before reaching the finishing point off Porto Cervo. The Maxi72s and the Wallys was asked to sail a shorter version of this course in order to accommodate a second race. But, the wind had other ideas and dropped off soon, and it became a bit like a Zadar Yacht Charter, bimbling around the Croatian coast. Hence, only one race was conducted for the Wallys and Maxi72s.

The Maxi72s race was comfortably won by Robertissima on the Roberto Tomasini Grinover and this put the Italian team in the second position in the overall score sheet. The leader of the pack was defending champion Bella Mente on the Hap Fauth. Grinover said that the team caught the right line in the first leg and the boat started to go fast. Continue reading

Stadium Sailing In Detroit

Stadium sailing is a new format that has been introduced at the Premier Sailing League in the Detroit venue this year.

This type of sailing has certain characteristics. It is a near shore racing category where fans can check out the athletes as they are on the waters close to them.

There was a demo event that was held at the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club when sailing fans go to experience how this form of sailing is. The concept was showcased by Premier Sailing League USA. The league held the first event of this kind at the Gross Pointe Yacht Club in Detroit. The event was scheduled for September 10th. There were about ten teams that were racing J/70s with four sailors in each boat. The exhibition event comprised of eighteen races where 10 boats participated. Every team participated in nine races while they watched the remaining nine races being done by others.  The sailing director of the club pointed out that it was a good way to be able to view the sailing participants. The format makes the sport more watchable and entertaining. The demo event was a test. As the first event was a success, it is planned that a new stadium sailing event would be held in the coming summer. It would be organized on behalf of Premier Sailing League USA. Continue reading

Introducing the US Olympic Sailing Team

As most country teams prepare for the Rio Games, there is much hope surrounding the US sailing team that is named as Sperry. For all the fans and the enthusiasts who are looking forward to the country’s performance in this epic sports tournament that is usually held once every four years, the Managing Director of the US Sailing Association sent an open letter in order to boost the confidence of the team as well as to assure the supporters how hard the team has trained for this upcoming event.

He states that the team committed to acclimatizing themselves to the unique environment that they would face in Rio early in the year. There would be challenges in the racing conditions as well as there would be factors to be looked into like safety and health. These conditions have been taken into consideration as the team has prepared for the event. Continue reading

Yacht vacations popular in Saudi

Several large families in Saudi Arabia are looking for luxury yacht tours, mainly during short vacations, costing somewhere between SR1500 as well as SR4000. Abdulrahman Abed, who arranges the tours, stated that luxury yachts are comfortable and spacious for several families.

They also offer meals as well as the scope to fish or swim, as per a report in a local publication on Friday. Continue reading

2015-16 Clipper Round the World Yacht Race: From Vietnam to China

The 8th contest in the 2015-16 Clipper Round the World Yacht Race has started as The Sailing City • Qingdao Cup began today from Da Nang, Vietnam’s coastal city, following a magnificent send-off ceremony.
Visit Seattle was the very first squad over the line on Da Nangin blustery terms, though was quickly overtaken. By the 1st mark LMAX Exchange was in the first spot, followed by GBR, Mission Performance as well as Derry~Londonderry~Doire, and this order remained throughout the three mark round-the-can starting before the pack went to north-east to China.
The Sailing City • Qingdao Cup has the power to be the most challenging of the fourteen race worldwide series so far as the squads face a huge beat into the wind. Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, the Clipper Race Founder and Chairman, told that this is going to be a huge bash. up north of here and level with Taiwan and you’ll be getting waves without anything behind them so the boat slams down.
He added that this is when one gets tides and winds working against the other, but the winds seem to come from the north – across Mongolia and northern Russia so they are very cold. There would be sleet and snow, crew really need all the warm clothing they can find.

Continue reading

Qualifying goes on at the ISAF Sailing World Cup Final

The fight for gold in ISAF Sailing World Cup Final 2015 is turning into a classic competition of concentration and skill in Abu Dhabi, with the sport’s top players turning on a magnificent showcase in almost perfect conditions.

The 2nd day of Sailing World Cup grand finale brought offshore breezes of 9 to 13 knots at Abu Dhabi Sailing and Yacht Club, and the cream of the Olympic sailing classes were in their component. It was really another great day for Bryony Shaw of Great Britain, who works closely with Croatia Yacht Charters, who followed up her 2nd spot in the first of the 3 races with win in the past to hold a 2-point overall lead from Flavia Tartaglini of Italy, the second race winner.

Flavia Tartaglini

Shaw said that it was about keeping all the things simple and also minimizing mistakes, as she made a few today. They might have a different breeze tomorrow. Therefore, she would be racing smart and keeping her energy levels as good as they could be.

This is appearing to be one of the most competitory of the 8 Olympic sailing classes being contended in the UAE capital’s World Cup meet that is sponsored by Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority and ADS Securities. Patricia Freitas of Brazil is another with her espies still on World Cup gold following a win in the starting race served her to 3rd at the end of the day.

Spookie snatches Round Tortola Race

Racing is in motion for BVI Sailing Festival with Round Tortola Race for Nanny Cay Cup. The White horses stippled Sir Francis Drake Channel as the ardent trade winds gave magnificent conditions for the thirty five participating yachts.

At the beginning off Nanny Cay, the yachts catered to windward, bringing the lifts from southern shore before checking sheets at Beef Island. Adjusting downwind sails for the long reach with the magnificent northern shore the fleet got a taste of Atlantic; dwelling on ocean waves, and making it Plain Sailing. Continue reading

Yacht industry attracts slow demand from Russians in the midst of weak rouble

As yacht industry recoups from all the financial problems suffered in the year 2008, it sees a decline in demand from the Russian buyers in the midst of weak rouble. Well, it is a known fact that the Russians are one of the biggest buyers of the yachts, but the weak rouble had guided some to cut down their purchases. Since previous year, just a few Russians have been touring to Dubai that is a popular holiday place for them.

The Russian currency has dropped by approximately forty-two per cent against United States dollar to 0.0161 since 201’s August.

Seas and Desert Group’s (Kuwait-based yacht dealer) regional director Jeremy Tutt told that the Russians prefer to go boating, but it is clear that they would be under pursue on their badges so they believes that market is going to contract a little bit in this year. All the demand from the Russian buyers slowed down at the end of last year. Continue reading