Introducing the US Olympic Sailing Team

As most country teams prepare for the Rio Games, there is much hope surrounding the US sailing team that is named as Sperry. For all the fans and the enthusiasts who are looking forward to the country’s performance in this epic sports tournament that is usually held once every four years, the Managing Director of the US Sailing Association sent an open letter in order to boost the confidence of the team as well as to assure the supporters how hard the team has trained for this upcoming event.

He states that the team committed to acclimatizing themselves to the unique environment that they would face in Rio early in the year. There would be challenges in the racing conditions as well as there would be factors to be looked into like safety and health. These conditions have been taken into consideration as the team has prepared for the event.

Some of the preparations included drawing up a plan for building the performance of the team, depending on the sailing conditions that would be present at the Rio. The training time has been maximized in the Olympic race courses for the team, with a month long break before re-starting training hard with the backing of a Croatia Bareboat charter company.

A large scale infrastructure for training was built for the team to have adequate practice at Rio. There would be seven race courses at Rio and the athletes have practiced extensively in the same with a dedicated support and coaching staff.

The four courses that lie within the Guanabara Bay as well as the three courses by the ocean have been worked upon and studied in detail with respect to currents and winds. As a result the managing team is confident that the sailing team will do well. They are sure to hold up the flag high for the nation and compete to the best of their talents and skills as well as technology that they have with them.