Yacht vacations popular in Saudi

Several large families in Saudi Arabia are looking for luxury yacht tours, mainly during short vacations, costing somewhere between SR1500 as well as SR4000. Abdulrahman Abed, who arranges the tours, stated that luxury yachts are comfortable and spacious for several families.

They also offer meals as well as the scope to fish or swim, as per a report in a local publication on Friday.

He told the yacht charter UK website that trips on normal yachts cost around SR300 for an hour but there are a lot of people who has expensive tastes. Many families like to take these luxury yachts from Sharm Obhur to nearby islands like Om Altair, Al-Qarqa’a and many more. They often arrange birthday parties, graduation parties and wedding celebrations on these vessels.

Ahmed Abdulsalam, who arranges VIP yacht tours in this region, told that a lot of people pay in advance. These boats can hold up to twenty people, and cost around SR4000 an hour. 12 person yachts costs around SR1200 without meals, but it includes hot drinks, desserts as well as the opportunity to go swimming or fishing.

Col. Naji Al-Juhani, the Border Guard spokesman, told that there is close monitoring of these yachts, with aid offered if there are mechanical or any other problems. He asked people to follow the rules and regulations when going on this type of trips. If the law is broke, people may face jail term of between 3 days and 5 years, along with fines between SR2000 and SR50000.